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A Year in Alaska

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My girlfriend and I lived in a dry log cabin in Copper Center, Alaska for a year starting in May 2021. Overall it was a fun/interesting/educational experience. This post will have a few pictures and thoughts on it.


1. It's Big

Everything is bigger in Alaska. Not sure why Texas thought they could use this tag line. Mountains, rivers, glaciers, moose, bear, fish, etc.

This was the best part. There are amazing views, great hiking, and general natural beauty all around. If you haven't walked on a glacier I recommend it; the feeling of walking on top of hundreds feet of solid ice is pretty neat.

The state is massive, there is so much to see. We only explored a fraction.


Inside the cave pictured above:


On the coast in Valdez:


2. Winter Sports

You should enjoy at least one winter sport if you are going to spend a winter in Alaska. We like to ski:


3. Lots of bugs

Make sure to bring your bug suit.


4. So many berries!

I bought a berry book, and learned that most of the berries are eatable (you should still double check though!).


Here are some bear berries that I ate way too many of:


5. The weather sucks

It never really got hot enough where we were - it rained all summer, and the winter got miserably cold, lowest temps were around -40f. Also, lots of snow!


6. Blast from the Past

It feels like going back in time 20 years. We saw a radio shack and a block buster!

7. South East Alaska

On our way back to the lower 48 we took the ferry through South East Alaska. This was fun - we put our tent on the deck of the boat, and got to enjoy a scenic cruise through the south east passage. There are a ton of super cute towns along the way, and the weather seemed much better. Next time I visit I'd like to explore this area more.

southeast.jpeg tent.jpeg ketchikan.jpeg

8. Conclusion

Check out Alaska if you haven't! It's worth it.

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