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Cross Country Dirt Bike Racing

Recently I've been competing in d36 cross country dirt bike races. It's my favorite sport, and its been a blast to fully commit myself to it. I used to race a bit as a kid, but this has been the first time that I completed an entire season.

A race begins by everyone bringing their own machines to the starting line. The lines are divided by engine size, age, and the riders skill. A gun shot is fired for each line, and the pack takes off in a mad dash. It's a free for all until you cross the line at the end. A race usually takes between one and three hours. During this time there are a slew of possible problems:

While racing I've learned that being smooth and consistent is more important than trying for raw speed. The first lap is for learning the course, and the following laps are for optimizing. Finding the lines that take less energy, remembering safe places to pass, and then being able to execute the next time around is key.

I finished first in class three times this season. The first two from the Sawmill Two Day Enduro and then Leoni Meadows. Overall I finished first place in points for C 250 4Stk, which I am definitely happy about!

Shredding a corner at Leoni Meadows: leoni-meadows.jpg

Leading the pack at Honey Lake: honey-lake.jpg

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