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I like to document the desks that I write code at. It's interesting to reflect on my environments from over the years.

Grinnell Iowa, 2014

Here's my desk from my first year at Grinnell College. I was taking intro to CS in Scheme, though I wasn't using this battlestation for that. The highlight here is the custom poster that I printed and taped together. grinnell-first-year.jpg

Grinnell Iowa, 2015

This is my dorm room in my second year of college. I was taking a data structures course in Java and learning highly applicable things like how to implement a skip list.

I was also dipping my toes into the world of Linux. I had installed Mint on my desktop, though I did still keep a windows partition around to feed my crippling video gaming addiction (see that red headset for yelling at strangers over the internet?). I could SSH into our departments Linux machines and finish lab work. Pretty slick!

This was my first real at home development setup. Someone gave me an old low resolution monitor that I hooked up without hesitation. Two monitors must be better then one, right? Now I could write code and browse Reddit at the same time! Very productive.

Notice that I'm using a lounge chair painted with borrowed supplies from the art department. grinnell-second-year.jpg

Mendocino California, 2017

Fast forward to my first real software job. At this point I'm running Arch Linux and writing SQL, PHP, JavaScript. I still have two mismatched monitor sizes! If you look closely you can see I picked up a few more novelty key caps since the last photo. Also pictured: my misguided descent into everything dark mode. mendocino-desk.jpg

Ames Iowa, 2019

I moved back to Iowa for some reason. I rented a spacious two bedroom apartment with all utilities included for $650 a month. I didn't have much furniture, but I was able to work with what I had. ames-floor-desk.jpg

Ames Iowa, 2020

New year, new apartment. I transitioned to a single monitor + standup desk. See if you can spot the 4 computers. i-spy-4-computers.jpg

Bonus setup from the same apartment: working from the dining table. Instead of dual monitors, I was experimenting with dual laptops. I find that whenever I use more than one monitor I end up using one screen for a distraction and one for code. So what's the point in having them connected? multi-laptop-setup.jpg

Eugene Oregon, 2020

I stayed at a house in Eugene for a few weeks and worked remotely. This is maybe my most conventional desk yet! A civilized MacBook + dongle setup. (the mug has a delicious late in it) eugene-desk.jpg

Little River California, 2020

Same setup as last time, different place. The copper cup is certainly cool. little-river-desk.jpg

Comptche California, 2021

I was still on the move using the same equipment. I did get a vertical laptop holder to save space though. Nifty! desk-at-comptche.jpg

Comptche California, 2021

I finally moved to my own place after bouncing around between family houses! I settled on a single monitor, my trusty Das Keyboard, an adjustable height desk, light theme for my code editor, and a killer view. desk-at-sky-ranch.jpg

Copper Center Alaska, 2022

Living in a log cabin in Alaska! No indoor plumbing, but at least the internet is fast! alaska-desk.jpg

Navarro California, 2022

Enjoying a summer day on the ranch:


Working from yurt:


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