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We planted some fruit trees in Comptche - two apples, and one pear. I took some pictures of them and wrote down their traits to have a reference in the future. Maybe in 10 years I'll write another post showing how much they have grown!

1 Golden Delicious Apple


  • Harvests mid to mid late season
  • Self fruitful, pollenizer for Red Delicious

2 Sierra Beauty Apple


  • Harvests late season
  • Self fruitful

3 20th Century Asian Pear


  • Harvests mid season
  • Self fruitful or pollenized by other Asian pears like Bartlett or Shinseiki

4 Coral Champagne Cherry


  • Harvests early season
  • Pollenized by Bing or Brooks cherry

5 Firestorm Peach


  • Harvests late season
  • Self fruitful
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